Beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia - by Mensa Otabil

Beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia - by Mensa Otabil
Dr. Mensa Otabil is a respected Christian statesman, educator, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.
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Pneuma Life Publishing
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This powerful and revealing look into God's purpose for the black race gives scholastic yet simple answers to questions you have always had about the black presence in the Bible. The roles and exploits of blacks in the Bible that have either been omitted or treated lightly by European and Euro-American scholars are now revealed.

In this book Dr. Otabil explodes long held myths about Africa; Exposes doctrinal errors about Blacks being cursed and inferior; Restores knowledge to Black Christians about their biblical birthright and; Exhorts the body of Christ to unite with love and equality.

Contributor Bio:  Otabil, Mensa
Otabil pastors the 6,000 member International Central Gospel Church in Accra, Ghana, Africa.

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EAN            9781562294045

ISBN:          1562294040

Publisher:     Pneuma Life Publishing

Author:        Mensa Otabil

Binding:       Paperback

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Pub Date:      July 01, 1993