NIV Audio Bible Dramatised, Compact Disc (CD)

NIV Audio Bible Dramatised, Compact Disc (CD)
With your busy schedule, reading time is at a premium - but don't miss out on God's Word! This digitally engineered dramatization breathes life into the most popular Bible translation with multiple character voices, full orchestration, and sound effects. Take advantage of your "down time" while running errands or commuting - and listen. 64 CDs come in a zippered nylon carrying case.
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The New International Version of the Bible is today's most popular modern-English translation. The NIV Audio Bible, Dramatized brings the Bible to life with this true-to-text dramatization of the Old and New Testament. The fully orchestrated background enriches the text reading and enhances the total experience. Digitally engineered from start to finish, this audio Bible delivers an inspiring and uplifting encounter with the Word of God.
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EAN:           9780310436461

ISBN:          031043646X

Publisher:     Zondervan

Format:        Compact Disc (Audio CD)

Dimensions:    6.10 x 29.97 x 18.54 cm, 1.43kg

Pub Date:      December 11, 2012