NKJV Complete Audio Bible on CD - Voice only (Johnston)

NKJV Complete Audio Bible on CD - Voice only (Johnston)
The power of the Scriptures can refresh souls and encourage listeners in daily life through this New King James Version of the Bible recorded without background music. (Audio)
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The elegance and simplicity of the spoken Word - Voice Only
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The elegance and simplicity of the spoken Word--Voice Only 
Now you can profit from hearing God's Word wherever you are, whether it's in the car, at the gym, around the house or simply while relaxing. Let the power of the Scriptures refresh your soul and encourage you in daily life when you listen to the NKJV of the Bible. This recording, which is carefully read word-for-word by masterful narrator Stephen Johnston, features the entire NKJV without background music. 
- Enjoy hearing the Bible while on the go, at home, in personal devotions or group Bible study.
- The NKJV is a fresh, completely updated translation that is faithful to the accuracy and beauty of the KJV in contemporary, understandable language.
- This edition has been been digitally mastered for enhanced listening enjoyment.
- Sturdy CD wallet provides easy portability while protecting the discs.
- 58 CDs.

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EAN:           9781598562774

ISBN:          1598562770

Dimensions:    6.35 x 29.46 x 16.00 cm, 1.25 kg

Publisher:     Hendrickson Publishers

Format:        Compact Disc (CD)

Category:      Audiobooks, Audio bibles

Pub Date:      September 01, 2008