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NKJV Pew Bible, Hard Cover

NKJV Pew Bible, Hard Cover
The NKJV Pew Bible is updated and improved, yet with the same economical price as before. Completely reset in a handsome typeface, it offers a bolder, more modern look.
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NZ$ 22.95
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A classic church standard perfect for any church's sanctuary or member's home.

The Pew Bible has long been a trusted Bible for churches and homes. Durable for years of service, the Pew Bible now comes in two additional colors to complement any church's sanctuary. Still available in classic burgundy, the Pew Bible is now offered in black and brown.

The Pew Bible's interior has also been completely reset in a handsome typeface offering a bold, more modern look.

EAN:           9780718080310

ISBN:          0718080319

Publisher:     Thomas Nelson

Size:          4.83 x 21.59 x 14.48 cms, 0.73 kgs, 826 pages

Binding:       Burgundy Hardcover

Pub Date:      February 09, 2016

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