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  • Maori/English Bible New Testament Bible - Te Kawenata Hou
    A Parallel text Bible in English and Ma?ori by the Bible Society.
    NZ$ 19.99 item
    4 - 10 days
  • NIV/KJV Parallel Bible Large Print, Hard Cover
    A large-print Bible, this Bible combines the bestselling modern English Bible translation, the NIV Bible, alongside the treasured King James Version Bible in one convenient place, making it easy to compare the two translations. Also includes a special introduction from beloved pastors Charles F. Stanley and Andy Stanley.
    NZ$ 115.95 item
    Ships from USA
  • The Contemporary Parallel New Testament Bible (8 Translations), Hard Cover
    Seven translations highly regarded by evangelicals plus the classic KJV make this the ideal resource for your comparative studies and sermon preparations! NASB ('95), NCV, CEV, NIV, The Message, New Living Translation, NKJV and KJV.
    NZ$ 119.95
    Ships from USA