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  • CEV Compact Youth Bible Global Edition, Hard Cover
    This CEV Youth Bible is written in the Contemporary English Version in a clear and accurate translation. Written to be read, written to be heard, written to be lived! Cheap too!
    NZ$ 12.99 item
    4 - 10 days
  • The CEV Big Rescue Bible Revised, Hardcover
    This exciting Bible features the full text of the easy-to-read Contemporary English Version, plus fabulous colour cartoon illustrations of 20 stories to stimulate the imaginations of young readers. It's loaded with helps that make Scripture fun and accessible for ages 6-10.
    NZ$ 39.99 item
    4 - 10 days
  • The Contemporary Parallel New Testament Bible (8 Translations), Hard Cover
    Seven translations highly regarded by evangelicals plus the classic KJV make this the ideal resource for your comparative studies and sermon preparations! NASB ('95), NCV, CEV, NIV, The Message, New Living Translation, NKJV and KJV.
    NZ$ 119.95
    Ships from USA