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  • DVD For The Love Of God [PG-V]
    Christian history is full of violence, corruption, and oppression. So would we be better off without Christianity? Does religion poison everything?
    NZ$ 24.99 item
    4 - 10 days
  • DVD Gospel Of John - Word For Word - Lumo Project
    The Gospel of John is the first film by The Lumo Project which brings the original Jesus narrative to the screen using the Gospel text as its script, word for word. Informed by leading world experts' latest theological, historical and archaeological research on every aspect of life in first century Palestine, this is a ground breaking multi-million pound film series that revolutionises the way we experience and understand the story of Jesus.
    NZ$ 24.99 item
    4 - 10 days
  • God's Not Dead, 3-Movie Collection DVD [M-V]
    Can a student prove God is alive? Will talk of Jesus be banished from a teacher's classroom? Can a pastor save his church's land from a university takeover? Together for the first time, this trio of films is a perfect gift for fans and newcomers to the series. Dove approved (12+). Rated PG. Approx. 5.75 hours total.
    NZ$ 35.00 item
    4 - 10 days
  • Read and Share Toddler Bible Hardcover [With DVD]
    This new addition to the Read and Share TM brand contains 40 stories plus a 60 minute DVD including bonus features just for toddlers.
    NZ$ 26.99
    4 - 10 days
  • Visual Bible: The Gospel of John (DVD)
    The Gospel of John Visual Bible (epic 2-disc) DVD in the spirit of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, is a meticulous recreation of the turbulent era of Jesus and the events that changed the course of history! Narrated by Christopher Plummer, its the bold and powerful story of Jesus as told by his disciple, John.
    NZ$ 35.95
    Ships from USA