NRSV Catholic Women's Devotional Bible

NRSV Catholic Women's Devotional Bible
A Bible designed to make Scripture more accessible to Catholic women, focusing on deepening their spirituality by nurturing a love for God and his Word and teaching them how to use Scripture in prayer and daily life. It consists of the NRSV text with the deuterocanonical books, 260 Daily Meditations drawn from classic and contemporary sources, weekend meditation, character sketches of women of the Bible, and articles on living the Catholic traditions.
The Catholic Women's Devotional Bible is designed specifically to nourish a woman's spirituality, making it easy to form a habit of daily prayer and reading. It includes a year's worth of meditations, drawn from classic and contemporary sources, all written by women.

Designed especially to meet the needs of Catholics and those accustomed to liturgically-based forms of worship, it includes a six-year reading plan tied to the lectionary, making it easy to locate readings for daily and Sunday liturgies. Additionally, each weekend devotional is based on the life of a particular woman of the Bible, helping you see the relevance of her story today. Each book of the Bible is preceded by a brief introduction highlighting its historical context and its most important themes. Additional articles focus on topics like the sacraments, holy days, the liturgy, and spiritual direction, explaining the link between tradition and Scripture to help you gain a greater understanding of your faith.

ISBN-13:       9780310900573

ISBN-10:       0310900573

Dimensions:    5.6 x 8.4 x 1.3 inches

Publisher:     Zondervan

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