Tarore and Her Book

Tarore and Her Book

A child dies. Her book is stolen. How does this bring peace to the people of Aotearoa? This is the true story of Tarore, and part of our history. This beautiful book with embossed cover and paintings of Mary Glover Bibby should be a treasure in every home and school in New Zealand.

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Award winning author, Joy Cowley, has teamed up with Bible Society to write the remarkable story of Tarore. In 1835, Bible Society published 100 copies of the Gospel of Luke in Maori. In 1836, missionaries gave one of these Gospels to a young Maori girl, Tarore, at a mission school near Matamata. Tarore's subsequent acceptance of the Christian faith and her murder at a young age had a great impact upon the Maori people with many coming to faith as a result. The book will contain selected verses from the Gospel of Luke, and it will be illustrated using a series of eighteen paintings depicting the story created by Waipawa artist, Mary Glover Bibby, in the 1920s.

ISBN-13:       9780908867189

ISBN-10:       1585166464

Dimensions:    21 x 42.5 cm, 32 pages

Binding:       Paperback

Publisher:     New Zealand Bible Society