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  • Aetherlight Bible-NLT: Chronicles of the Resistance ( Aetherlight: Full Size )
    The Aetherlight Bible is a companion Bible to the online action-adventure video game The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance. This one-of-a-kind Bible connects players of the game to the Scriptures in a way that feels natural and invites preteens to dig deeper into the biblical story. More than 50 full-color tip-ins with images from the game, placed throughout the Bible, will unpack for readers the allegorical connections between the game's characters and their biblical counterparts. Bible features are aimed at reigniting teens' imaginations and interest in Scripture through a truly swashbuckling steampunk retelling of the scriptural narrative. Teens will learn to connect the dots between characters they are familiar with from the game and prominent figures and storylines of the Bible. The world of Aethasia is colorful and quirky, and this Bible will carry the same steampunk flair that characterizes the game.

    The New Living Translation breathes life into even the most difficult-to-understand Bible passages, changing people's lives as the words speak directly to their hearts.
    NZ$ 29.99 grams
  • CEV Compact Youth Bible Global Edition, Hard Cover
    This CEV Youth Bible is written in the Contemporary English Version in a clear and accurate translation. Written to be read, written to be heard, written to be lived! Cheap too!
    NZ$ 12.99
  • CEV Compact Youth Bible Global Edition, Paperback
    This CEV Youth Bible is written in the Contemporary English Version in a clear and accurate translation. Written to be read, written to be heard, written to be lived! Cheap too!
    NZ$ 9.99
  • CEV Youth Bible Global Edition Paperback
    The Contemporary English Version (CEV) - a clear and accurate Bible translation.
    NZ$ 9.99
  • Does Your Marriage Look Like This? - Apostle E. H. Guti
    This is not another book about marriage. It gives direction, counsel and warning for married couples. It also contains teachings for the Youth, Men and Women - highly recommended for anyone already married or intending to marry one day.
    NZ$ 29.99
  • ESV Bible Youth Hardcover
    The new ESV Youth Bible helps open up God's message to us in today's world. It incorporates a reading plan to help get you started, a clear storyline of the Bible, as well as help sections on topics such as forgiveness, justice and freedom. Experience love stories, epic adventures, superhuman deeds and more with this compact edition, ideal for personal reading and devotion or as a gift for outreach programs. ESV - the Youth Bible you can trust.
    NZ$ 14.99
  • Good News Bible - Today's English Version (TEV)
    An affordable outreach bible. The attractive cover and generous-sized type, plus the GNT's used of standard English in paragraph format, makes this an ideal Bible for youth ministries.
    NZ$ 16.99
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  • NIV Adventure Bible - Gospel of Mark, Paperback
    The Gospel of Mark from the NIV Adventure Bible is the perfect evangelistic Scripture portion to give away at VBS, Sunday school, Easter, and other outreach events. Now available in full-color throughout making exploring God s Word even more fun
    NZ$ 5.99
  • NIV True Images Bible: The Bible for Teen Girls Hardcover
    NIV True Images: The Bible for Teen Girls is designed just for you—a teen girl living in today's world. This hardcover Bible explores how the timeless truths of the Bible relate to your life, your relationships, and the things you care about most. Packed with personal notes, cool quizzes, challenging insights, smart advice, and open discussion about life today, NIV True Images is the Bible for today’s teenage girls.
    NZ$ 46.99
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  • NIV Youth Quest Study Bible, Hardcover
    The Youth Quest Study Bible transports kids (ages 11-14) into the world of the Bible like never before. Filled with about 4,000 questions and answers right next to the passage, this Bible clarifies verses that seem confusing or weird. In-text illustrations, drawings, and maps bring the Bible alive.
    NZ$ 59.99
  • NLT Bible Three Story Softcover
    The Three-Story Bible, based on Youth for Christ's Three-Story discipleship program, encourages Christian teenagers to better understand how God's story overlaps with the story of their life and the lives of their friends, resulting in deeper fellowship with each other and with God. It's filled with 500 Connection Point Questions that inspire teens to read the Bible more closely and think about its application to their lives more carefully. Over 150 "Then & Now" features weave together the stories of young people today with Scripture in ways that equip teens to talk more openly about God and build deeper, more genuine relationships with each other.
    NZ$ 39.99
  • NLT Teen Life Application Study Bible Softcover
    Based on today's #1-bestselling study Bible, the "Teen Life Application Study Bible" (formerly the "Student's Life Application Study Bible") stands apart in the crowded world of teen Bibles. It meets the challenges and needs of today's high school students with traditional study Bible features like book introductions, textual notes, person profiles, and maps with application-oriented features focusing on choices, real-life issues, and real-life stories of actual teens.
    NZ$ 39.99
  • The Way NLT Bible Paperback
    "The Way" connects a restless generation looking for direction to Jesus. An emphasis on interactive first-person stories, reflections, and questions bring the Bible to the real world for today's 16- 30-year-olds.
    NZ$ 42.99 grams