Rotherham's Emphasized Bible, Hardcover

Rotherham's Emphasized Bible, Hardcover
A literal translation of the original text with symbols that allow the non-reader of Greek and Hebrew to discover the force and intent of the original.
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The Emphasized Bible is a literal, word-by-word translation with added emphasis to further explain the hidden riches of the original languages. This gives the English reader of the Bible the same advantage as the student of Hebrew and Greek—a knowledge of the exact meaning, proper terminology, and linguistic style of the original languages—all readily accessible on each page.

This is a unique tool for biblical study that includes features not found in any other English translation. Rotherman's analysis of the text utilizes numbered divisions to indicate sentence and paragraph structure and indentations to indicate narrative, biblical speech and poetry. The emphasis on particular words or phrases within the text is marked by a unique system of symbols and indentations which indicate the emphasis in the original languages as well as mark transitions from narrative to speech, speech within speech and poetic parallelism.

  • Translated by Joseph Bryant Rotherham
  • Many notes to explain original text
  • Footnotes
  • Double-column pages

Contributor Bio:  Rotherham, Joseph Bryant
Joseph Bryant Rotherham, nineteenth-century pastor and Bible scholar, first published an "emphasized" New Testament in 1872. In 1901 he published a complete translation of the Bible utilizing the same scheme of emphasis as keys to both the original Greek and Hebrew.

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EAN:           9780825436017

ISBN-10:       082543601X

Publisher:     Kregel Publications

Dimensions:    13.7 x 21.4 cm

Binding:       Hardcover

Pub Date:      June 30, 1959

Dimensions:    6.86 x 24.38 x 17.27 cms, 1.97 kgs, 1208 pages

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